Apr 8, 2024 Our publication showing that pregnancy is associated with faster epigenetic aging is out now in PNAS! Lots of press on this one, including Time, National Geographic, and The Washington Post, among others! Find the article here.
Jan 12, 2024 I recently had the opportunity to speak to the interesting, eclectic, and engaged group of folks at the Foresight Institute about our work on Caloric Restriction and DNA methylation measures of Biological Aging. Click on this link if you are interested in hearing more.
Feb 9, 2023 My paper (co-led with Dr. Reem Waziry) is now out in Nature Aging! We studied the effect of calorie restriction on biological aging humans in a first-of-its-kind randomized controlled trial in healthy, non-obese adults. The headline finding is that two years moderate calorie restriction slowed the pace of biological aging as measured by the DunedinPACE DNA methylation clock. Click here to read more!
Feb 24, 2022 I have a new article in Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health - DNA methylation analysis reveals epigenetic shift toward risk for metabolic disease, cervical cancer, autoimmune disorders during pregnancy and recovery to pre-pregnancy risk postpartum. For an overview, check out the Twitter thread!
Nov 25, 2020 New paper with Talia Shirazi, Waylon Hastings, and Asher Rosinger looking at parity and composite measures of biological aging is now out in Scientific Reports! Super cool findings that are helping us understand costs of reproduction and women’s health Click here to check it out!
Sep 1, 2020 Have you heard about Epigenetic clocks, but don’t know where to start? In my new paper, out now in AJHB, I discuss what are they, how are they constructed, and what can they tell us about human health and natural variation in biological aging. A one-stop-shop for both the theoretical and practical aspects of using epigenetic clocks in Human Biology, Population Health, Epidemiology and aligned fields! Check it out at the journal or download here.